Science Fiction. Cold Ends: A Brush with Death

Cold Ends: A Brush with Death By Lee Austin Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Views - STS-41B by NASA The Captain screamed, and her scream was lost to the silence of a vacuum. The void was a horrible shock. The tether desperately dragged her back, and her lungs painfully inflated as the air filled her spacesuit helmet.  “She’ll live.” A voice above her. “But this was sabotage.” Two days later, Captain Cade breathed gingerly while resting in sickbay. She wanted to get up, but everything hurt . Of her five fellow crew members, who would want to kill her? Doc had told Cade that Danny had rushed to drag her back into the airlock. Danny was a stocky giant who barreled into things and grinned cheerfully whenever he was happy, which was often. Not a killer. No motives for murder came to mind. Not that the rest of the crew were better suspects. Doc could have killed her anytime in the twelve years they had worked together. They’d had plenty of arguments in that time, during which he generally att

Cold Ends: Murder Aboard the Invisible Velvet

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