My rating system:

Five stars: Excellent book. I will probably read this again.
Four stars: Very good book. I would like to read more from this author.
Three stars: Good book, but not something I would recommend reading.
Two stars: Below average expectations for a published book. May have major editing issues.
One star: Major issues.

Only four and five star books will have reviews posted.


I am willing to review books, including self-published books. Reviews of the best will be posted here, with shorter summaries on Twitter, LibraryThing, Pintrest, and Goodreads. I generally prefer family friendly material. I love science fiction, but not romance or war. Reviews are free, but only provided if I like the book and it is a good fit for the website. 

✔  Family friendly
✔  Clean language
✔  Science fiction
✔  Fantasy
✔  Fairy tale

X  Graphic or R-rated content
X  Children placed in harm's way
X  Romance
X  Horror

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Willing to edit for a reasonable price. (Graduate student, former college tutor).


The books on here I have bought, borrowed, or downloaded from public domain libraries. My opinions are my own, and if I am given free books or incentives I will mention that at the end of the post.

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