Review: Libby


`    Libby is a library app for borrowing books. Yay! Free books! I love it, it has normal books as well as audiobooks and read-alongs.

    I love the audio books and read-alongs especially. It gives my little one the ability to read her books while I catch up on dishes. It’s very easy to use. A library card will allow you to borrow up to five books at a time. The borrowed books can be downloaded onto your device for 14 days. (This is in settings, and can be changed to suit your preferences, along with the file type to be delivered). I like it, the books can come along for a car ride, or anyplace else without an internet connection. After 14 days, there is an option to renew, unless other people have placed a hold on that particular book.

    My library consortium has put some very good options on, and there are audio dramatizations by major actors. There are filters on the search function to narrow down what type of book you’d like to browse. Libby allows patrons to use multiple library cards. This is nice on a shared account, because it gives me room to borrow something, even if the first five card slots are in use.

Five stars!