Review: Every Llama Needs a Scarf

        Every Llama Needs a Scarf by Tunisia Williams is a hilariously well-put together book. It is not, in fact, about llamas. Rather, it is a collection of animals wearing accessories while out and about having fun. I especially like the sloth, and I would like to know where he’s going, and why his journey is taking so long. Every Llama Needs a Scarf is funny, it's improbable, and it made me laugh. Very entertaining.

        The art is very good. The animals are easily identifiable, and well proportioned. Jessica Roberts has paid attention to shading and details like fur texture and background objects as well. It looks like it has been drawn with markers, and the strokes have been left unblended to arrange a textured look with lots of character.
It’s a good book, one I wouldn’t mind reading again.

Five stars!
*I was given an advance review ebook by the author.