Review: Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep

        Sheep Dog and Sheep Sheep by Eric Barclay is a story about a happy sheep who spends her days dancing and being helpful, and the responsible, patient sheep dog who keeps watch over her. Their personalities are very real and consistent. Sheep chatters away, and Sheep Dog listens. Sheep has lots of dances to dance and things to find, and Sheep Dog follows along quietly, keeping her safe. There are a lot of dangers out there for a little sheep who closes her eyes when she dances. I love how Sheep Dog is just quietly moving predators along like a bodyguard, and doesn't interfere with Sheep's actions. The Sheep just goes where she wants to go and she is safe because Sheep Dog is there.

        Barclay did his own illustrations for the book, and they enliven the story quite nicely. The story takes place on an interesting landscape, with rolling hills and bluffs leading to a river. There is a nice mix of meadows, trees, and buildings, which have been redrawn for each scene. The landscape and buildings are also consistent through angle changes, which looks difficult. The animals show a lot of emotion, and Sheep's dances are just adorable.

        This book is very relatable for little ones who like to dance and wear bows in their hair. This will appeal to young picture book aficionados.

Five stars!