Review: Kenny & the Book of Beasts


        Kenny and the Book of Beasts by Tony DiTerlizzi is the wonderful, charming sequel to Kenny and the Dragon (reviewed here). The sequel would make sense if read alone, but both books are absolutely excellent. I believe this one is better because the characters are deeper. 

        In the opening pages, we find that Kenny has graduated from being the only child, with the addition of a dozen delightful tiny bunnies. They are an adorable handful, and keep Kenny’s parents busy. Between the new litter, and Kenny’s friends being busy with their own life plans, Kenny feels lonely. This is even harder when his best friend Grahame gets the chance to catch up with his long-lost old friend. DiTerlizzi did an excellent job with the details. The adorable dozen are never in danger, and Kenny’s parents take time to check on him when he’s feeling down. Excellent plot.

        This story is really well-timed, as so many of us have had to reduce socializing lately. Also, plenty of adventure and action. I was really looking forward to this book, and I was not disappointed.

        The art is lovely. DiTerlizzi has done an exceptional job with his drawings. Each one is as interesting and detailed as his covers. And the sheep are back! I love the sheep!

Five stars!