Review: Go, Dog. Go!

        Go, Dog. Go! is P.D. Eastman’s classic tale of dogs doing stuff. Lots of stuff. They work, they play, they attend parties. Lots of parties. They go up and down. They come in many different colors, including green and blue. Unlike many tales, there is no central character, although many of the dogs reappear throughout the story. There is also a “Do you like my hat?” subplot between two unnamed dogs.

        Go, Dog. Go! is one of the often read books from my childhood. I like it because it is a simple story that younger children can easily follow, but there are lots of details that keep it interesting. For instance, on the page “Three dogs at a party on a boat at night.” The dogs are playing checkers and a banjo. P.D. Eastman draws nice cartoons, simple, but detailed enough that motion and lights are reflected in the water’s ripples. The shadows are also done nicely, and use a consistent light source.

5 stars!